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 Statewide Art Contest

Grow Ellsworth County is teaming up with the Ellsworth Area Arts Council to encourage more exploration and arts to Ellsworth County! Children and adults are encouraged to EXPLORE the assets of Ellsworth County and submit their art projects in coordination with the theme "Explore Ellsworth County." Entries will be accepted from any resident of Kansas. Art should pay homage to any attraction, scene, asset, location, or unique feature of Ellsworth County.  Inspirational suggestions are available on the "Attractions" page of this site, but we encourage creativity.  


All media accepted, including painting, drawings, sculpture, textiles, collages or photography.

Entries will be judged by 3 criteria: Artistic Merit, Adherence to the Theme, and Creative Interpretation.


Contest Opening:  Wednesday, May 10

Submission Deadline:  Friday, July 28 by 12pm

Submissions are accepted in person at the Grow Ellsworth County offices at 107 W 2nd St , Ellsworth 


digitally using the appropriate age category submission button below.  

Files should be submitted digitally in a .png or .jpg format.

Age Groups & Prizes







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