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Economic Impacts

The travel sector is an integral part of the Kansas economy, contributing more than $11 billion in expenditures and sustaining over 96,000 jobs. Tourism Economics an Oxford Economics Company, conducts an economic impact study of tourism in Kansas using the most current data available. This report enables us to quantify, track and compare the travel and tourism's importance for Kansas's vitality.

The study:

  • Measures tourism in the categories that allow it to be compared to other sectors and which matter to policymakers, such as taxes, income, and jobs

  • Provides the ability to benchmark the visitor economy to other sectors on an "apples-to-apples" basis

  • Allows benchmarking to other destinations

  • Tracks the economic contribution of tourism over time

  • Provides county-level analysis

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With pandemic effects on businesses lessening and travel confidence increasing, visitor activity in Kansas jumped in 2021. Visitor spending increased 28% to $7.0 billion as tourism in rebounded back to 95% of 2019 levels. Visitor spending jumped $1.5 billion as attractions and events reopened and restarted. Visitor spending increases were driven by visitation gains, with increases in overnight visitors, helping boost per-visitor spending. Visitation increased by 7%, rebounding to 33.7 million visitors in 2021.

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