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Economic Impacts

The travel sector is an integral part of the Kansas economy. Visitors generate significant economic benefits to households, business, and government. This economic activity represents a critical driver of the state's economy. In 2022, growth in visitor activity provided an extra $275 million in income to Kansas job holders and $76 million more in state and local tax revenues.

The study:

  • Measures tourism in the categories that allow it to be compared to other sectors and which matter to policymakers, such as taxes, income, and jobs

  • Provides the ability to benchmark the visitor economy to other sectors on an "apples-to-apples" basis

  • Allows benchmarking to other destinations

  • Tracks the economic contribution of tourism over time

  • Provides county-level analysis


With visits growing to reach more than 90% of their pre-pandemic level and with growth in overnight visitation and prices in certain areas, visitor spending surpassed pre-pandemic levels in 2022. Overall, visitor spending reached $7.7 billion, growing 10% and surpassing pre-pandemic levels by 5%. Visits grew to 36.4 million, an increase of 2.7 million visitors.

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