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Exploring the scenic byways and highways will uncover some amazing treasures across our county and surrounding area.  Here are a few favorites from our Ellsworth County youth.


Ellsworth Golf Course

900 E 2nd St | Ellsworth

Ellsworth Golf Course sits quietly in the Smoky Hills of Central Kansas,  where it has been building a reputation for outstanding play over the last 100 years.  With full tee to green irrigated fairways and putting greens on par with the big courses, it's the perfect compliment to your home course. As its nine holes wind through subtle hills and beautifully aged cottonwoods, golfers of all skill levels can find the challenge they are looking for.


World's Largest Hand Painted Czech Egg

2520 Avenue D | Wilson

The World's Largest Hand Painted Czech Egg stands 20 feet high and 15 feet wide.  It is decorated with a traditional Czech design by local artist, Christine Slechta.  It has become a tourist destination, drawing thousands of visitors to see the amazing detailed work in celebration of Wilson's rich culture and Czech history.


Wilson Miniature Czech Eggs

Look for eight miniature Czech Eggs located throughout the town. All are easily located within a short walk around downtown. The Wilson Community Foundation put up the first egg in 2018 and local businesses and the Wilson Tourism Hub helped fund the rest of the eggs. They were first painted by Risk Rupp and later by Ace Walker of Oklahoma.


Ellsworth 1873 Jail

The oldest building in Ellsworth, the limestone jail is a shell of its former self, but it still stands to tell the story of some of the wickedest lawbreakers in the Wild West. A small interpretive sign and iron cutout tells the history of the jail.



Kanopolis Lake & State Park

The first state park in Kansas, Kanopolis State Park is situated in the rolling hills, bluffs, and woods of the scenic Smoky Hills region of the state.  From the towering Dakota sandstone bluffs to the caves and crevices of Horsethief Canyon, the park and surrounding areas offer rugged beauty and stunning vistas.  Kanopolis Lake offers more than 30miles of trails open to hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, fishers, campers, and Kansas landscape beauty enthusiasts.

Preisker Park & Splash Pad

699 E 2nd St | Ellsworth

Preisker Park was built in the 1930s in central Ellsworth. Much of the beauty in Preisker Park comes from the beautiful stonework around the bridges and a bandshell perfect for entertainment.  The addition of a splash pad courtesy of the fundraising efforts of the Ellsworth Kiwanis Club makes this a great place for family!

image1360013036011922pm (1).jpg


804 N. Kansas | Kanopolis

Travel back in time to this amazing drive in theatre - one of only five left in Kansas.  And while you'll love the retro style of the concessions, you'll also love the fully updated digital equipment and current movies featured on the outdoor big screen!  



Kanopolis State Park

Faris Caves are a series of artificially excavated caves located along the Smoky Hill Rover in central Kansas, Ellsworth County.  Each of the three caves are about 12 feet square, with 10 foot arched ceiling, dug out of the Dakota Sandstone with a pickaxe by Coloradan Charles Griffee in the 1880s.



104 W Main St | Ellsworth

Fort Harker | Kanopolis

Visit this historic complex consisting of 1878 Hodgden House, 1880s livery stable, 1912 one-room school, 1880s Second Baptist church, 1909 caboose, 1900 train depot, turn-of-the-century wooden windmill, small log cabin, modern building housing farm equipment, and a general store. Exhibits included early Ellsworth County history and Kansas cattle town life. Archives available for research.  

Ellsworth Historical Walking Tour

104 S Main St. | Ellsworth


Seventeen interpretive signs around town, marked by silhouettes, feature the history of Ellsworth and help you visualize the Wild West and Ellsworth's cowtown days.


Mother Bickerdyke Cemetary

This scenic hilltop cemetery is where you'll enjoy a great view of Ellsworth. Mother Bickerdyke isn't buried in this cemetery, but you'll find a memorial to her among the graves of 32 of her Civil War nurses and the wives of Civil War veterans. 

 From Main St in Ellsworth, travel south on Hwy 14 for 1.25 miles, turn right (west) on Ave L for .5 mile. The cemetery is on the north side of the road.

Holt Park & Swimming Pool

409 W 11th St | Ellsworth


Perfect for children and adults of all ages, the swimming pools features a water slide, low and high diving boards, in-pool basketball area,  and a separate pool for the littles.  Swimming lessons are available. 


Atlas Ad Astra Adventure Resort

354 4th Rd | Wilson

During the late 1950's, the US Government spent billions of dollars on strengthening our military in defense against Soviet Communism.


As a response to Sputnik, the US began, in earnest, to develop a rocket and nuclear missile defense program. During this period, rockets quickly evolved. As they evolved, these massive and expensive missile installations became obsolete and were quickly abandoned. Over 70 Atlas F Missile Silos were built in the United States, many of which are in the great plains.


Our site was built in 1959 and was active until 1964 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Back then, it cost more than $12 million to build the structure alone. In today's dollars it would be over $110 million!


Most of these facilities are in private hands & closed to the public. We are excited to invite you to experience, enjoy and learn from our site.

Holyrood Santa Fe Depot

North Main Street | Holyrood

The Historic Holyrood Santa Fe Depot was built in 1887 and restored in 2014-2020. The depot is home to the city museum and community gathering space that can be used by reservation. 


City Park

104 E. Olds Avenue | Holyrood

Holyrood City Park is a refreshing family stop, featuring a walking trail, picnic shelters, modern playground equipment, and a splash pad (open if weather permits.) Public restrooms and a water bottle refill fountain are available.


Coach & Four Bowling Lanes

105 N. Lincoln | Ellsworth

Coach & Four Bowling Lanes is an 8 lane family owned and operated center since 1961. We offer leagues for all ages, open bowling, birthday parties, corporate parties, and family events. We offer a full-sized menu with drinks. Coach & Four offers Gambino's Pizza!

Holyrood Fire Department Sign

100 Block of South County  | Holyrood

In front of the converted grade school, now a fire department, stands a little shelter with a blond-brick base, a red bell, and a bright red sign. As a reminder of the fire department's past, the sign reads, "1901 Holyrood F.D. Chemical No. 1."


Wilson Betty Kepka Museum & Gallery

2711 Avenue E  |  Wilson

Learning the traditional “Czech” egg design on her grandparent’s farm, Betty Kepka went on to become known as “The Egg Lady” when she produced Kraslice (traditional Czech painted eggs) using the old-world hand-batiking process. Her paintings, jewelry, dolls, Hallmark designs and prints have been exhibited across the nation and she has taught the craft to keep the tradition alive. Her collection has been returned to Wilson in the care of the KS Czechs, Inc.


Wilson Cemetary & Civil War Monument

1916 2nd St  |  Wilson

Not to be missed is the impressive granite Civil War monument featuring a Union soldier statue at its apex. Further adorning the memorial is a metal lion's head out of which water once poured to fill the watering trough for horses. The Czechoslovakian influence is apparent in this cemetery in the names of the interred.


Wilson Lady Liberty Replica

414 26th St  |  Wilson

In 2022, Mary Rose Enderle and Richard E. Bogenrife donated a miniature replica of the Statue of Liberty to the community of Wilson. It symbolizes the story of Wilson's Czech immigrant history. Find the statue in the American Legion Park just south of the Midland Hotel.


Wilson Circular Stone Jail

Behind 2528 E in an alley between 25th and 26th, Wilson, KS

Built as a water tower in 1907, this structure is the only native limestone circular jail in the state. The lower level was a jail until 1963 and held prisoners until they could be transported to the county jail. (NRHP)

WWII Monument

E and 26th (Legion Park)  | Wilson

An American doughboy statue stands atop this monument dedicated in 1919 "In Honor of our Soldiers Sailors and Marines of the World War."


Oak Creek Mini Jersey Farm

1525 Avenue C  |  Ellsworth

This will make a fun stop to buy Jersey butter, ice cream, cream, milk, hot fudge sauce, salted caramel, yogurt plus home made soaps, lotions and other products. The shop is located on a farm and you can also visit the barn and meet the cows and calves that make it all possible. 


200 Horsethief Road | Marquette

One of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Geography, Mushroom Rock is the smallest, but one of the most unique, state parks in Kansas. The park is only 5 acres but boasts some of the most unusual rock formations anywhere. The rocks served as meeting places and landmarks for Native Americans and early pioneers such as John C. Fremont and Kit Carson.

Resembling giant mushrooms rising above the horizon, the Dakota formations of Mushroom Rock State Park are the remains of beach sands and sediments of the Cretaceous Period, the interval of geologic time from about 144 to 66 million years ago. Sandstone and sedimentary rock is held together by natural cement. The concretions that make up Mushroom Rocks are cemented calcium carbonate. The largest rock measures 27 feet in diameter.


Ellsworth Area
Arts Council

223 N Douglas Ave | Ellsworth

Stop in and see our local talent and eclectic exhibits, events, and activities!

Open Monday-Frdaiy


Prairie Trail
Scenic Byway

When you travel the Prairie Trail Scenic Byway, you follow in the steps of Native Americans, explorers and pioneers as they sought food, shelter, adventure and a better life. Early traders followed the nearby Santa Fe Trail to New Mexico, 19th-century cowboys drove cattle along the Chisholm Trail, and huge herds of bison roamed the majestic Flint Hills.


Post Rock
Scenic Byway

Over the Smoky Hills of weathered bedrock, the Post Rock Scenic Byway winds through fields, pastures and prairie. The landscape's unique beauty and challenges required pioneers to earn their space here, and the legacy of their creativity and resourcefulness lives on. Just look at the stone fence posts for which this route was named - as functional as the day they were erected. Pioneers solved their fencing problems on the largely treeless plains by quarrying and then shaping limestone slabs. Today, that same innovative spirit has given rise to many independently minded artists, farmers and ranchers in the region.

Post Rock
Limestone Coalition

Interested in viewing the rich history and architectural beauty of our native limestone structures in Kansas?  Ellsworth County is home to many unique limestone structures, including the historic jails, the Midland Hotel, and the Czech Opera House.  


The Missile Silo

For history enthusiasts, this is an unparalleled opportunity to step back in time and live the legacy of the 550th Strategic Missile Squadron. Book your tour now and consider making your stay even more memorable with our Airbnb experience in the Historical Missile Control Room. It's not just a visit; it's a chance to become a part of history.

Svaty Ranch

is only one of four public off-range pastures in the United States, where upholding the historic pioneer spirit of the American West is honored and celebrated with the majesty of free-range Wild Mustangs.  Imagine the beauty of these creatures along the landscape of the Kansas Prairie.


This page is under construction and we are building the information on attractions and events.    Please be patient, as there are many things to see and do in Ellsworth County!

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