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Historic Preservation

Part of a thriving community means preserving those buildings that have fallen in disrepair, are in need of some TLC, or revisioning.  To that end, we share some of the Ellsworth County projects that could use your support, as we work to preserve and revitalize our commuities.

Wilson-Opera-House-Night-Filter Crop.jpg

Wilson Czech Opera House

Destroyed by a devastating fire in 2009, this project is fundraising for revitalization for an open air theatre in Wilson.

National Drovers Hall of Fame

The National Drovers Hall of Fame is a grand vision to pay tribute to the nation's proud cattle industry, featuring:

  • A museum featuring an archive of memorabilia honoring the cattle industry

  • A research facility

  • A movie theatre for public performances 

  • Destination Attraction


This page is under construction and we are building the information available.  Please be patient, as there are many things to see and do in Ellsworth County!

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